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      All vegetable oils have no cholesterol

      Nowadays, "cholesterol" has become a terrible word. As a result, many products, such as vegetable oil, have been labeled "without cholesterol" on the label. Someone really told me that I only buy some kind of oil because it is "free of cholesterol." I said, will other cooking oils have cholesterol? She said, who knows, I am not sure... I am speechless: are the cholesterol from vegetable oil? Unless artificially added animal oil inside...
      In fact, cholesterol is only found in animal foods. Labeling vegetable oils, puffed foods, and even fried potato chips with "no cholesterol" is nothing to boast about, and even misleading consumers. To say that this seemingly meaningless is the intentional or unintentional use of the lack of knowledge of consumers in this area, suggesting that other oil products may contain cholesterol and unfair competition.
       The absence of cholesterol does not mean that this oil must have any special benefits for blood lipids, and it does not mean that eating this oil will not make people gain weight. For example, palm oil does not contain cholesterol, but it is more saturated than lard. Containing cholesterol, it is not necessarily bad for health. For example, fish oil and cod liver oil contain cholesterol. Whether it contains no cholesterol, eat less oil, do not eat those oils that heat many times, is the most important.

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